Cycling Positioning: Does it make a difference?

A modern road bike is designed to be capable of running at high speeds in stable conditions, without any burdens. The aerodynamic position is the most effective one that can make you the most optimal in terms of translation to speed. There are many cyclists who can afford the expensive […]

Cycling position

Cycling Faux Pas 4

Recently one morning, whilst on my way to work a female cycling behind was trying to flag me down for some reason. We got held at a traffic light and I looked behind to see what she wanted. She was pointing at my rear light and told me that I’d […]

Cycling Faux Pas

Bike Maintenance: Chain and Rear Cassette 2

In my previous article “Getting back in the saddle after a break” I highlighted some of the struggles that I experienced after some time off cycling. When my bike has had a week without action I tend to always do my basic checks of brakes, gears and tyres. After my […]

Bike chain wear tool

Cyclist Full Body Workout

People choose cycling for a variety of reasons. Some choose it to keep fit, others choose it as their preferred method of transportation. With other reasons in the social and competitive arenas there is enough cause to consider getting yourself bike fit before you actually get on the bike. This […]


Filtering in Traffic: Tips for cyclists to progress quickly and safely

When it comes to road cycling and in particular inner city cycling, the major advantage that the bike commuter has over the motorist is the ability to filter when the traffic is slow moving or stationary. Some motorcyclists have this ability also, but even they will have limitations in comparison […]

Picture of Traffic Jam

Cycling In or Out?

Cycling has emerged as the stand out method of keeping fit. It seems whenever you’re out and about there seems to be more cyclists than there are runners. More and more people are realising that the gym is not the only means of getting fitter and that there is an […]

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Getting back in the saddle after a break

The festive season is over and you’re now realising that you over indulged on turkey sandwiches and your children’s chocolate selection packs. No? Just me then. Time away has definitely taken it’s toll and that first ride feels like you’re starting out again as a newbie. The mind set dawned […]

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