I’m Baz aka Barry. I’m someone that is big time into bikes and cycling. I usually get my cycle fix on my somewhat unconventional commute to work (I drive 40 miles then cycle the last 12 across London) or at the weekend on a leisurely cycle with friends. Over the last 5 plus years being a bike commuter, I have switched bikes, tried different techniques, components and paid attention to trends and emerging concepts on the market. I have learnt a lot of the years and can definitely spare you the pain of the harsh lessons that I learnt along the way.  Out of this Bike Commuter was born where I share these lessons and present you with options. I continue to learn and educate myself on different cycling aspects. My aim is to have those that are willing, along for the ride with me. If you consider your self a pro cyclist or very experience in all cycling aspects  then this is probably not for you. This is more targeted at those that may have questions or queries about some of specific areas of cycling.


If you have any questions you can get hold of us on the contact page.


Keep safe out there

Baz | Bikecommuter