Cycling class

Cycling In or Out?

Cycling has emerged as the stand out method of keeping fit. It seems whenever you’re out and about there seems to be more cyclists than there are runners. More and more people are realising that the gym is not the only means of getting fitter and that there is an alternative to going out for a jog. Once that break through has been realised then it won’t be long before you realise that the benefits will continue to mount up. In a previous article “Cycle your way to Health and Happiness” we highlight a lot of those benefits.


If the only form of cycling that you’re used to is on a stationary exercise bike, then you would have experienced the pros of that, like exercising in comfort without having to deal with the cold of wintertime. Spinning classes have grown in popularity and people can see their benefits will include enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and increase your muscular endurance. It can help you to manage your wellbeing, muscle tone, strength and can assist in reducing tension and depression. It is not just due to the physical activity itself but may be due to enjoyment and the genuine satisfaction of bike riding. It is a great approach to get healthy and also extremely adaptable, as you can ride any time.


Cycling class


Outdoor cycling lets you discover new places you maybe had not detected before due to the blinkering that driving a car seems to create. It is the perfect mental yoga that is also low impact, so those of us with sore joints or achy body parts can still have an effective work out without causing stress to any injuries that we may have. If you were unsure if you could manage cycling then it’s probably best that you spoke to your doctor or practitioner before undertaking any physical exercise.



Bike setup

Whether you are cycling outside or inside your set up is incredibly important. The seat height will assist in determining your level of comfort whilst you cycle. So spend a little time setting up so you do not end up harming your knees, hips etc. seat height is crucial pay attention to this, if you’re not sure ask for assistance, the staff at gyms are generally quite friendly and happy to assist you in this task. Seek advice first before setting up if at home and you are a beginner. Advice may be sought around the place, simply pop into a reputable bike shop for instance, or contact your local cycling club. Have a look at “8 tips to show you how to cycle faster” which highlights some set up checks.


Burning Calories


Be it stationary or mobile. They’ve similar benefits when it comes to weight reduction. Cycling is a great action to supply your heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout. Of course it depends on how long and how often you work out for. The intensity at which you train at will determine exactly how many calories you can burn off per training session. Indoors if you learn to ride at different resistance settings and challenge yourself in exceptional ways from week to week you will have less possibility of losing motivation and getting bored. Outdoors if you keep doing the hill climbs and lengthen the distance at which you cycling along with changing the route, then you see and feel the benefits of this.


Whether you opt for indoors or outdoors cycling there will be obvious benefits. What do I recommend? Outdoors! You get everything that you want with the indoors workout and a whole lot more, plus you can’t decide to quit halfway through, as you have to make your way home somehow.


So what do you think about indoor cycling as a comparison with outdoors? What are your experiences in relation to either? Let us know in the comments below.


“Studies have shown that riding a bicycle makes you more awesome than the general population”


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