Cycling position

Cycling Positioning: Does it make a difference?

A modern road bike is designed to be capable of running at high speeds in stable conditions, without any burdens. The aerodynamic position is the most effective one that can make you the most optimal in terms of translation to speed. There are many cyclists who can afford the expensive light weight bikes and reap the benefits that comes with that, but there are several different adjustments that you can make in order to gain those faster times. Here, we would like to highlight some areas which can speed up bike ride.


Set Your Saddle Position


In order to get optimal pedalling of your cycling, you can set your saddle position. You can adjust the height of the saddle until you feel comfortable when sitting on it. You mustn’t set the saddle too low or too high. Just make sure that you can still sit on the saddle comfortably without reaching for the pedals or not having the correct amount of extension. Rule of thumb. Adjust so you can have your bum on the saddle with one foot on the pedal and the other foot is on the tip of your toes on the ground.


Cycling position


Set Your Knee Position when Pedalling


You must be paying attention to your knee position. In order to know the best knee position, you can hold the pedal in the horizontal position. Then, drag a straight line to the centre of the knee joint. If the knee is in front of the axle, it means that the condition will force the knee to get out of the perfect position when pedalling strongly.


Set Your Hands on the Bar


In order to maximise your bike pedalling and comfort levels, you can adjust the stem on your bike to the correct height. This may take a few goes through trial and error to get what is best for you. Be careful not to set it too low because it can cause back and shoulder pain. The correct position of the handlebars can mean that your arms can be bent proportionally and transition from the different grips on the bar (i.e holding the tops to aero) can be transitioned to comfortably. This positioning can also be very effective to reduce shaking when riding a bike on the road.


Set Your Foot on Pedal Correctly


If you want to get faster movement while riding a bike, you have to position your feet at the right position on the pedal. The tip of your feet must be on the pedal to get efficient pedalling and reduce the risk of injury. When your feet are not placed correctly, it will make your feet move unnaturally so it can reduce the pedalling performance. If your shoes are slippery and you put your feet too far forward, it will make your achilles become tense and make your joints painful after cycling. Cleats with shoes or half toe clips can help with getting you feet in the optimal position for pedalling.


Pay Attention to Your Bike Frame


Before you buy a racing bike, you must be paying attention to its frame. You have to choose the correct frame to make your pedalling more effective and efficient. Then you can maximise your pedalling to get faster movement without feeling fatigue. Choosing a bicycle which is appropriate with your body size is straight forward. Some bike shops can measure you and point you in the right direction as to the size frame that you need.


So there you have it some very simple but effective tips on how positioning can make a difference. Some of you may be thinking that this is all very obvious stuff. After owning your bike for a while you make need to revisit the tips as things like your saddle, stem and handlebars tend to go out of position through sustained usage. So hopefully for you this will be a reminder of checks to make.


Which cycling position improves your technique/speed? Do you get discomfort from amending your position? Let us know in the comments below.


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