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People choose cycling for a variety of reasons. Some choose it to keep fit, others choose it as their preferred method of transportation. With other reasons in the social and competitive arenas there is enough cause to consider getting yourself bike fit before you actually get on the bike. This can range from simple stretches or building the commonly used muscles through resistance training.


It should be a given, that all cyclists should stretch to prepare your body for the stress that your limbs and muscles are put under once your get on a bike. Going a step further you can train specific body parts that will strengthen your muscles and make you stronger and more durable on your ride.


Resistance training is not confined to picking up barbells in the neighbourhood gym. Bodyweight resistance training has seen a massive surge in recent years, with people getting a thorough workout at home with no equipment. We have constructed a simple full workout that will get the blood pumping and target the main muscle groups that cyclist’s use.



With these six exercises regularly done, you’ll soon see improvement and comfort in your cycling. The main thing is to commit to the workout at least 3 or 4 times a week and doing five sets of the workout on those days. To start with if you cannot to five sets then start at three and work up to it.


We’ll break down the workout and suggest some more advance variations if you are willing to push yourself further.


Cycling Workout guide




This targets the upper leg muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings) along with the glutes. Switch legs after each lunge and if you want to make it more advanced jump to switch legs between each lunge.





Push-ups target the chest and biceps. For more advanced movements you can do lateral movement (walk side to side on your arms and legs between each push-up) or you can clap between each push-up.





This targets the abdominal muscles. The more advance method is what’s called a “90-90 crunch” which starts off the same, but has you raising your legs along with your shoulders so your knees and elbows meet at the top.




Squats target the lower body, specifically the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. A more advanced exercise is jump squats. It uses the same motion as a squat, but you jump up instead of standing up and land back down in the squat and repeat.


Tricep Push-Up


As the name would suggest this targets the tricep muscle, strengthening the back of the arm. An advanced version of this is the diamond push-up which you make do by making a diamond shape with your hand by touching the your index finger and thumb with those of the opposing hand.





The plank targets the core, which is shorter way of saying “the abdominal muscles”. A more advanced variation is doing what’s known as “Plank bird dog” which starts off with the plank, then you raise an arm and the opposing leg, then switch and do the other arm and it’s opposing leg.



Even if you’re a beginner to these exercises, you’ll soon feel the benefits of them. Don’t quit before you get comfortable doing them, or even get a chance to attempt the advanced variations. It won’t be long before you they make difficult aspects of your cycling, easier.


Are there any exercises/workouts that you do, that help out with your cycling ? Are there any parts of your body that you need help building for cycling? Let us know in the comments below.


“The pain that you feel today is the strength that you’ll feel tomorrow”


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