How to prevent punctures when cycling

One of the most irritating things on the planet that could occur is getting a puncture whilst you are in the middle of enjoying one of your cycling adventures. In the early days, I experienced it many times, where a tyre flat would cause me to have to walk home because […]

Bike puncture

National Cycle Network

According to UK charity Sustrans, more individuals than ever before are turning to the National Cycle Network as a means for getting around. The rise in use is mainly due to cycle commuters who are taking great advantage of the health benefits and tremendous financial savings that bike commuting can […]

National Cycle Network

Cycling and the law

There are many motorists and even pedestrians that are quick to point out what they believe the law is regarding cyclists. This usually gets highlighted when they believe a cyclist has carried out an “illegal” manoeuvre. There are a lot of law abiding cyclists  and unfortunately a lot of those […]

Police Cycling

London Cycle Superhighway

A long time in the making, the government in their attempts to make cyclists safer in the capital, concocted the cycle superhighway.  As well as keeping cyclists out of the harms by separating them from motorists, they also give direct and faster routes across London. Last week saw the latest section of […]

cycle super highway

Fear of being a cyclist

Even though the amount of bike commuters on the road is on the rise, there are still a large number of potential’s that deem the “risks” too high and still have fear of being a cyclist. I’m sure many of us have had ‘that’ conversion with someone who ultimately declares […]

bike crash

Cycling with headphones

Throughout the first few years of bike commuting, I would always prepare my music and play it throughout what I deemed to be a monotonous journey. A cycling colleague was shocked to learn that I would do that, he then proceeded to tell me about all the dangers of it. […]

Cycling Headphones

Fixie Fix 1

I’ve never ridden a Fixie or for that matter a single speed bike, but I have to admit I like the idea of them and am adamant one day soon that I’ll get my hands on one. A few years ago I remember a friend telling me about his bike that he rode with […]